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penguin project

Hey guys! So I found a fellow blogger doing some great stuff – for others! I thought I would share the love and pay it forward.

Meet Amanda –

She is a newbie to the thrift store shopping but has found it rather entertaining and fun! She grew up in the Bay Area of Northern California and has also lived in South Carolina. She moved to L.A. three years ago to pursue acting, but fell into improv and then found her way back into writing.

She started The Penguin Project because of her best friend, Kyle. They have always inspired and supported each other in their art. She really believes that that is what it is all about; if you support others, they will support you. She wanted to create a project that would continue to inspire and support as many creative people as possible. Their tag line is:

“Our penguins may not be able to fly, but that

does not prevent their spirits from soaring.”

Check out the website and see if you can help!

the penguin project

Amanda also writes for Skirt! magazine, which is an awesome online source for beauty, blogs and fashion for women. Be sure to check it out –

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