the ‘f’ word

That’s right – I’m talking about ‘fashion’ and no one says it better than the guru of style: Rachel Zoe.


I’m heading to NYC this weekend and I always enjoy looking at the carefree, yet carefully constructed style you can see on the streets. I hope to snap a couple of pics of randoms rocking their fashions and treating the sidewalks like runways.

While getting ready to hit up the town this weekend, keep Zoe’s motto in mind… Be a little daring!

This quote by Zoe has to be a personal favorite… What’s your favorite fashion line?

*Picture taken from Pinterest*

One response to “the ‘f’ word

  • Zach

    Just discovered Southern belles of Louisville today on Hulu and am already 8 episodes in!! You are by far what has kept me watching! Why are you not on twitter?!

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