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So if you are like the thousands of other Americans obsessing over the fabulous TV show Mad Men, then you have probably tried to pull off the red-lip-look.

Finding the perfect red lipstick is like trying to find the perfect man nearly impossible. I have tried more red lipsticks than I can count and have four options that I believe can fit almost every woman.

These four lipsticks are all by Revlonyup, about $6 each.

(left to right)RED REVIVAL (645) color sensational, REALLY RED (006) matte, RED REVOLUTION (630) color sensational, FIRE & ICE (720) super lustrous




For Dark Skin – Stick with a deeper red, close to a brick color. I am loving Revlon’s RED REVIVAL (first one on the left).

For Every Girl – MAC lipstick in RUBY WOO is the one lipstick that is always compared to the Mad Men show. A cheaper alternative and very close match is Revlonโ€™s REALLY RED (second from the left). This is a matte color that looks just like the colors used on the show – its not shiny but its also not drying – one of my favorites and looks GREAT on almost everyone!

For Medium Skin – Choose a pinkish red, close to a cranberry color. A great option is Revlon’s RED REVOLUTION (third one from the left).

For Fair Skin – If you are like me, fair skinned gals need to lean more towards reds with corals. A must have is Revlon’s FIRE & ICE (on the far right).

6 responses to “mad men mouth

  • Myrna

    I love all these colors! My fave is Fire and Ice I wear that one on a daiy basis ! Love it!



    Hi Hadley! can you do a makeup list you wore on southern belles.. so pretty and so simple.. I am not really the kind of girl that can pull of the bright color makeup!

    Thank you so much!!!

    • Michelle

      Yes I agree with Kara! can you do a southern belles makeup post. eyeshadow, blush, bronzer, concealer, eyeliner, and lip color!.it was gorgeous and more what I feel comfortable wearing! I have always wanted to know what you wore on that show!

      Thank you Hadley!

  • Kara

    Please do the southern belles makeup post! you don’t have to take pictures cause I know that is time consuming just a brief product description or something ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Clare Kessler


    I love all of your posts and you are such a fashion, make-up, all around inspiration to me! Thanks for the great tips on finding cost-friendly alternatives. Love all of your lipstick comparisons! Will you do a post that shows your must-haves or a what’s in her bag? Love your style ๐Ÿ™‚


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