fake spring break

Spring break is right around the corner and not everyone is lucky enough to get a whole week off

If you are just sitting around next weekend while your friends are tanning on the beach, get off the couch and take a mini road trip! There are many fun places to visit (and more importantly, places to shop) around town (no matter where you live!).

If you are a Louisville girl like me, then maybe a quick trip to Indianapolis would curve your craving for some fun! There is an area called BROAD RIPPLE that is simply to die for… tons of shops, pubs and cute places to grab a bite to eat.

One of my all time favorite vintage stores can be found here – Broad Ripple Vintage.


It has an endless supply of shoes, bags, clothes and jewelry. During my last visit I got a steal – a black leather coach clutch from back in the day – and for only $15.





So if you are stuck at home the week of spring break, at least allow yourself some much needed retail therapy and a road trip!

*Special thanks to my great friend Lisa for the awesome photos!*

5 responses to “fake spring break

  • brownsugar31

    Omg! I would be in heaven!!!!!!!!

  • Megan

    I have a personal question. I am in college and struggle with the fear of public speaking like really bad!! since your a college professor I know you do a ton of public speaking but did you ever get really nervous and did anything help you overcome it?

    Thanks Hadley

  • Lori

    Hello Hadley. Can you do a post on the makeup you wore on southern belles?

    xoxo Lori

  • traci2222

    I think I speak for all of your fans when I say…we miss you (again)!!!! I hope everything in your life is great!

  • Nicole

    Love it! I live in Broad Ripple! Thanks for the shout out!!

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