beautiful garbage

‘One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.’ We have all heard the saying and today it was proven again.

While walking the beach, working on my tan (and yes, I’m slathered in 85 SPF) I spotted something big and light blue wash up on shore. Sea glass.

From broken bottles that have been dumped in the ocean illegally and polluted the ocean, the pieces are buffed and beautiful by the time you find them in the sand.

These once sharp pieces of glass roll around in the ocean and are smoothed, shaped and made frosted by Mother Nature herself.

Wouldn’t these be beautiful as a piece of jewelry? Can’t wait to find some more ‘garbage’ on the beach!

pink pout

I LOVE LOVE LOVE lipstick right now… from bright colors to nude, all are great for Spring! Again, love some lipsticks but hate paying massive amounts! MAC has the recycle program where you can bring in six empty MAC containers and you can get a free lipstick of your choice!

Don’t have any empty containers and don’t want to pay $15? Well some of the most cherished colors of the season can be found for much less. Revlon has amazing lipsticks and they can be found for around $6!

Better yet, if you watch the coupons that come out on Sundays, you can find some places that have a ‘buy one, get one half off’ deal!



A go-to that I have been rocking lately is MAC’s SHOW ORCHID (A61). It is a super fabulous color that is bright and will jazz up any outfit. A great alternative is Revlon’s WILD ORCHID (457). These two colors are practically identical.

So splurge on a $6 tube today and bring some color into your life!

hadley’s reality in the weekly

Hadley’s Reality was mentioned AGAIN in the local Louisville newspaper in the Features section!!

The article is titled “KY Reality TV Stars Continue to Shine After the Cameras are Gone.”

Here is what the article said…

‘Southern Belles: Louisville’

Aired on SOAPnet in 2009. What the Belles have been up to:


Hometown: Owensboro, Ky.

What she’s up to: Hartz is an instructor at Jefferson Community & Technical College. She recently finished her doctoral coursework in education and leadership at Spalding University, passing both her oral and written comprehensive exams. She also blogs about fashion, beauty and shopping at

On getting the goods: “The show portrayed me as the girl next door who couldn’t get a good job and couldn’t find a good guy. It’s funny, because after the show, I actually got both of those things on the same weekend.”


A very special thanks to Christa Ritchie and the Courier-Journal for giving a nice shout-out to Hadley’s Reality!

Check out the full article on the Courier-Journal’s website – KY Reality TV Stars Continue to Shine After the Cameras are Gone

share the love

While winding down after a long week, I cracked open a tried and true favorite – Magic Hat #9. It is a brew that is always in my frig and has quirky sayings under the cap – sorta like a fortune cookie. This one was so true… It said “you need to write more.”

Well I couldn’t agree more 🙂


I have many new posts lined up and ready to share… However, I thought that I would extend the creative stick to all of my followers and readers! A lot of you guys are always emailing me and sharing incredible ideas, finds, steals and fashions.

If you have ever wanted to write a blog or get a shout out for your amazing style or get some recognition for a great idea or if you have a blog and want to share a post… or anything else you want to share – I want to hear all about it!!

Just email me a few things…

 – your blog post (idea, find, steal or fashion… or whatever!)

– your name (and your blog link if you have one)

– pictures you want me to post

– a brief bio 

and  I will handle the rest!

I am heading out of town on a mini vacation and I while I am gathering new goodies for the blog, this would be a great time for me to share your great ideas! Anything and everything is welcome… So shoot me an email.

I look forward to hearing from you!              

erase the streaks

It is almost Spring (well sort of!) and we all know what that means… Spring Break!! Yes, in my other life I am a college professor and I get a sPrInG bReAk! It is ok to be jealous of my whole week off 🙂

It is around this time that I start to slather on the ole’ tanning lotions in preparation for shorts, skirts and the dreaded bikini. (See earlier post about tanning lotions to see which ones I prefer.)

No one is perfect – and neither is the tanning lotion. We can make some mistakes which result in streaking, dark knuckles and uneven tones. It can be a nightmare waiting for the color to rub off or to fade… I have tried (literally) everything in the book – from scrubbing my skin raw, to applying baking soda, soaking in lemon juice and even rubbing alcohol. Please, for the love of your skin, do not try any of these! Not only were they ineffective, but they hurt!

I have (with the help of my lovely cousin Jules) discovered a much easier and softer way to remove any unwanted self-tanning streaks, lines, or globs.


Simply use a Magic Eraser by Mr. Clean. You have seen the commercials… if it can remove grease and crayon and permeanat marker – why not self-tanner? Simply wet the Magic Eraser and then squeeze as much of the water out as possible. LIGHTLY rub on your skin and watch the color come right offAMAZING! Avoid your face but this is perfect for knuckles, knees and feet.

Enjoy a perfectly tanned Spring Break!

egyptian jewelry elizabeth knight

So today is President’s Day – and it’s every shopper’s dreamsales in almost every corner of every store!

This shopper, however, is feeling a bit under the weather – I would rather sit at home in my PJs with my iPad than to hit the malls and deal with the insane lines. Trust me when I say that I did take full advantage of perusing the online shops though! While casually going through many cyber stores, I stumbled across some jewelry that can best be described as ‘egyptian inspired.’

I found myself wanting every single piece of jewelry by the designer – Elizabeth Knight. She definitely has an eye for jewelry – she creates pieces that tell stories all by themselves. You can look at a piece and your imagination takes off. Of her collections, Dark Horse and Armor are my favorite. Below are some pieces that I am dying to have – I have listed prices as well.

The bracelet on the left– called the PYRAMID BANGLE – is my absolute favorite of the Armor Collection. It is such a unique piece that I am certain it would add flare to any outfit, without being overstated. It is $120.

My second favorite piece in the same collection is the bracelet on the right – called the RECTANGLE BANGLE – and it is also $120.


This necklace (PEGASUS)  is fantastic – and while not an every day piece – could really add some pizzazz to black shirt or dress. It is more pricey at $1,100… but that doesn’t make me love it any less!

The rings (HAMMERED, LAYER RINGS) are $200 and are definitely going on the wish list!

You can find her pieces in boutiques in many states, including – California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, New York, North Carolina, Tennessee and Texas.

You can also purchase a few select pieces from her Armor collection on the Urban Outfitters website. I will be holding out for the PYRAMID BANGLE… My wardrobe just won’t be complete without it!

Be sure to check out the whole collection on

modern day love letters

If you were stumped this year on just what to get your guy for Valentine’s day, let me share an idea that I came up with that seemed to go over very well with my very own Mr. Big…

Reasons I liked this gift:

1. It is cheap

2. Easy to make

3. It can be made in a short amount of time

4. Only YOU can give him this gift

So I have always loved the idea of love letters – they seem so ‘old world‘ and are great mementos of those first blissful words that you shared with someone you love.

I was disappointed that I didn’t have any ‘love letters’ from Mr. Big… no one writes letters anymore!  We live in a world of emailing and text messaging.

I was thinking about this when I juiced up the ole iPhone and started looking through our text messages – right there, in countless messages, were our words from the first day we had met until now. These were our modern day love letters and that was something that I wanted to hang on to forever…


I simply downloaded a program (Tansee) onto my computer for around $20 and it allowed me to copy all of my text messages from any given person in my phone. Once downloaded, I transferred them to my flash-drive and then hit the road to Kinkos.


I printed off my text messages in color (but black and white is WAY cheaper) and you can pick from a variety of colored papers. I then asked the nice Kinkos lady print off a picture of us from my flashdrive and make it the cover. I chose the plastic spiral bound  because it was cheap and it looked the bestNOTE: Leave a few BLANK PAGES in the front of the book so that you can personalize it.

This something that I enjoyed giving as a gift – it was personal and romantic (and easy on the purse strings!).

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