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brush it on

So… I get really annoyed when the sales people at the makeup counter try to sell me at least 3 eyeshadows and 5 brushes. How about a great eye with one shadow and one brush? I mean… I am a girl on a budget.

Well after being fooled into buying multiple eyeshadows at a time (and then really ever wearing just one color) I figured out a way to apply the one color in a great looking way.

I take one brush, press it into the eyeshadow (shown here in CAMEL by Bobbi Brown) and press the color onto the lid (toward the lash line) – do not rub. I really like the color to be intense so I really pack it on.

Then I simply shake out the brush and pull the color up. I do not apply more shadow to the brush – just blend the color on the lid up towards the crease (more towards the outter edges) and a little beyond (NOT up to the brow). Sometimes – when I’m feeling a little crazy – I will take the brush and sweep it once under my eyes to up the intensity level a bit.


I also want to show you my three favorite brushes… The only three you could ever need for shadow. I got these from Target a lifetime ago but they have held up beautifully. They are by Sonia Kashuk and are VERY reasonably priced. They also have some in travel kits so you can get mulitple brushes for a lower price. I bought mine in white but wouldn’t  again… the handles show any makeup you may have on your fingers – FYI.


The middle brush was used to do the look shown above. It is the brush I use the most. It is really the ONLY brush I need.

The top brush is one that I use when I want a lighter, everyday look. It applys the color all over the lid (and I can still use the CAMEL eyeshadow!).

The bottom brush is one that I mainly use for a night time look. I put a darker color (Bobbi Brown COCOA) on the brush and apply it just to the crease. I dip the brush and pull it back and forth through the fold in my lid. Very easy and pretty much fool proof!

Coming up later this week: Mascara on the ChEaP and extreme eyeliner.

Brush on!


foundation first

Putting down a good foundation is essential when building anything – including your face.

Below are my favorites of all time plus some newly discovered faves. They are all good for different times and activities.

The MAC face and body foundation is great if I want light coverage but need it to last a long time. I got sick of the ‘long-lasting’ stuff feeling like a mask… It was just so thick and goopy! This stuff is sheer and literally lasts days if you need it to! It’s perfect for working out or all day events.

The Lancome is my go to- this is my everyday wear. It is sheer but it covers- Not too thick and it is very smooth and creamy. It is moisturizing like a lotion but never looks greasy. Also has never clogged my pores… A HUGE must!

My new found faves are the two by Bobbi Brown… The makeup guru (see MAKEUP GURU post) gave me these testers and I love ’em! I’m waiting til I run out of what I have currently before purchasing these.

Listed and pictured below are the foundations and colors I use…

MAC face and body foundation in C3 A78 (on the left)
Lancome renergie lift makeup 20 SPF in Clair 20 18E 0001 (on the right)

I got this foundation brush at Target and love it!!



Bobbi Brown luminous moisturizing foundation in sand (on the left)
Bobbi Brown skin foundation SPF 15 in natural (on the right)

glosses & polishes

So I had a few requests… lip glosses and fingernail polishes. Well here ya go!

So first off – the lip gloss.

Chanel makes my all time favorite – “gorgeous shimmer and a high-shine glow”

Below are my faves – Colors (left to right):

144 – Rose Dilemma, 106 -Myriade, 89 – Rose Sand, 217 – Red Shine, 122- Nebula.



Fingernail polishes – These are my favorites from summer to winter… and they are all different shades and brands.

Below are my most used and loved – Brands and colors (left to right):

Sally Hansen – Sonic Boom : Great for summer… its a nice alternative to pink

OPI – Lincoln Park After Dark: Awesome in the dead of winter

Nina Ultra Pro – Orange Flame: MY new summer favorite… its a little obnoxious!

Sinful Colors – Dream on: Super fun and grabs attention

Chanel – Strong: More purpley than the dark OPI and more metalic

OPI – Big Apple Red: Best red out there

Sally Hansen – Cinna Snap: A Fall must have… its a deep red and it rocks

Beauty Secret – Top Coat: Super seal it! You can grab this up at Sally’s


red lips?

The red mouth… oh so popular in fabulous TV shows such as Madmen… however, slightly complicated to pull of in ‘real life.’

Trust me when I say that I have tried EVERY color red out there. I have tried expensive stuff and cheap stuff… but one red is the best (in my opinion).

It’s more of a red with a slightly brown undertone, helping to avoid that orange-lip look (eek).

Best part? I preferred the CHEAP stuff…

The color is Sheer Red (309B) by N.Y.C. New York Color. This can be purchased at Target or even Wal-Mart. Super inexpensive but doesn’t look or feel it.


new makeup

So I told ya about the “makeup guru”…

Now let me tell what all I fell in love with and purchased! All products are Bobbi Brown – my new obsession in the world of face paint.

Eyeshadow in COCOA (in the crease) – right

Eyeshadow in CAMEL (all over lid – nighttime) – bottom

Eyeshadow in TOAST (all over lid – daytime) – left



Blush in PALE PINK (I know it doesn’t look ‘pale’… in fact it really brightens up the face)

Bronzer in DEEP (for when I am supe-duper tan)

Lipstick in PALE MAUVE (usually not a fan of mauve but this is gorg on!)


makeup guru

So a lot of you have been asking about my makeup and I recently discovered the holy grail of makeup artists here in our very own Louisville, KY. Her name is Dawn Isaac and let me just tell ya… she is a miracle worker- plain and simple! She can be found at the Bobbi Brown counter at Macy’s. She is a medical cosmetic specialist (yes, she went to school for this stuff!), a licensed cosmetologist, a skincare specialist, she does presentations, makeup specific for photography & TV & film and even bridal makeup.

Ladies, I’m telling ya, after my first visit with Dawn I have had nothing but compliments on my skin and eyes – and people want to know what I’m wearing. She is incredible… Seriously. And the lovely part was that she didn’t pressure me to purchase anything – in fact she gave me samples to try for a few days and encouraged me to come BACK to buy if I loved them. LOVE her and am now obsessed with Bobbi Brown makeup 🙂

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