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find of the week

Have you been to the Nearly New Shop?? If not, you need to! I found this incredible fur coat for $150. Happy early birthday to me! It’s real fur and vintage… My new love. It’s really warm and costs less than any coat I found worth buying at the mall.



lola gem

Ladies… I have found some INCREDIBLE jewelry online – for INCREDIBLE prices! With the holidays coming up, I have been on the hunt for some fun and fantastic gifts… and LOLA GEM is one great place!

I recently got a little package in the mail from LOLA GEM and let me just tell ya – exquisite! The packaging is even incredible!! Another amazing tid-bit? The chains are 22K gold plated and the silver chains are silver plated.

I have been emailing the owner and jewelry creator, Allison, and here is what she said:

 “The whole jewelry thing came about a few years ago when I was going through an old box of stuff and I found a couple of strands to this bracelet I bought years ago.  I searched online to see if I could buy another one of these amazing little creations but had no luck, so, I decided to try and make the other strands myself.  It was a success!  Not only did I have my favorite bracelet back but I found a new passion for jewelry making.  I know your probably wondering-  where are all  bracelets?   Well, as I got more involved in creating jewelry, I wanted something that was a little more meaningful to people, something personal,  so I began creating necklaces and rings.”

I asked her about her inspiration

“I like to make jewelry based on the type of people I see and meet.  It’s so interesting to me to see who picks what necklace or ring because in some way that reflects who they are. I feel that jewelry should be personal so in my pieces I use a lot of charms and gem stones.  Charms can tell you a lot about whats close to peoples hearts and it can give you a little glimpse into their personality.  I have had an obsession with gem stones for a while now and I particularly love how each piece is different.  Since each stone in unique in its own right my pieces will never be identical and I love that! It all depends upon what inspires me at the time!”

Click here to check out her awesome jewlery! –> Lola Gem

arm yourself

My friend, Meredith, had on some amazing bracelets the other day… and of course, I wanted them all! My personal favorite was the one that is the leather wrap. Incredible. The brand is ‘sleeveless’ and they run about $95.

At first I was turned off by the price tag… until I tried it on and felt the leather. I knew I had to have whatever was touching my skin. It is also very versatile – you can wrap it to make a bracelet or rock it as a necklace – I even thought that you could clip something fun into the clasp – a pendant perhaps, to change it up.


Check em out on their website!

Meredith let me know that she is planning on grabbing up the ‘Adina’ necklace next!

(These items are sold locally in Louisville at the Dressing Room.)

fit of the week

A fellow blogger, life-long lover of fashion, and new fabulous friend, Myrna, has been kind enough to share some of her amazing finds with us!

Myrna’s blog, My Beat Boutique, is super fun and full of great fashion finds! Hope that you all LOVE it as much as I do!!   🙂

Myrna breaks down her fit for us… 

Thrifted top – (was long sleeve and really long) $2.49

Jeans – J Crew (got them on sale for,  are you ready for this…)  –  $14.99

Wedges – Urban Oufitters – $39

Scarf – gift from my mister when he ported in Spain – FREE!

Handbag- old Banana Republic (have had it for about 3 years)

Glasses – Rayban

Leopard coat- Forever 21 – $19.99

Tank – J Crew – $6.99

Red Slacks – Express (about 3-4 years ago) – $19.99,

Heels – Nine West – $39.99

Bag – Vintage – $35

 Thanks Myrna and My Beat Boutique!

fit of the week

The fit of the week is a wave goodbye to summer and big hello to fall… In this ‘fit of the week’ I have paired two different patterns that were in the same colors.

This high-waisted wrap skirt is in a beautiful floral with navy blues, baby pinks and bright teals. The top, snuggly fit, is in matching baby pink with navy blue stripes. This combo is much more interesting than the typical white tank that we all feel comfortable to throw on with a busy skirt such as this…


By picking something else that is patterned, the outfit has more dimension and becomes instantly more interesting. This is an easy thing to do – put down the plain white or black top, and hold up your patterned pants or skirt to your closet – you will be amazed at what will POP out and match!

Top – Forever 21  –  $7

Wrap skirt – Forever 21  –  $22

Sandals  –  Zappos Outlet  –  Kensie brand  –  $12

Remember, they are just clothes… have fun with ’em!

hadley’s reality in the news

I was recently approached by the local Louisville newspaper, the Courier Journal, to be a “Stylemaker” in the Saturday paper… of course I accepted! Below find the link to the article as well as some pictures of my favorite things.

Hope you guys enjoy it!

Courier Journal: Hadley Hartz – Stylemaker Article


‘wear’ to shop

I got a request to list my favorite stores that sell on the cheap…  Here is a quick list for ya including some of my all time favorite places here in Louisville.
It is also right around the holidaysHalloween is in a few weeks so you can be on the lookout for the perfect costume, and Thanksgiving and Christmas are right around the corner so you can look for a stylish fit to rock.
Consignment stores –
Margaret’s    – Upscale but can find some great deals  (clothes)
Urban Kitty    – Right next to Margaret’s and it’s great  (clothes)
Charolettes Web    – Pretty great (furniture)
Eyedia    – LOVE this place (furniture)
Sassy Fox    – A little more pricey but can find some cool stuff  (clothes)
Rosies   – My absolute fave  (clothes and awesome jewelry)
Clothes Horse   – I have only been there once but really enjoyed (furniture and clothes)
Sunny Daize   – More expensive but can find all name brands as well as fur coats and Louis Vuittons
Crazy Daisy   – Love the jewelry here!
Vintage Stores:
Cherry Bomb   – Vintage clothes and American Apparel
 Nitty Gritty    – All vintage clothes and some costumes
Queen of Rags    – More expensive vintage
Pink Door    – Fabulous vintage and consignment pieces
Hey Tiger    – A new favortite – some great 80’s clothes
Thrift Stores:
New to You   – In Indiana – clothes and furniture
Nearly New Shop    – My fave thrift store  (TONS of clothes and furniture)
Unique Thrift Store    – This place has two locations  (found some cool jewelry and cowboy boots)
DAV Thrift Store     – You gotta dig but can find some killer high-waisted pants!
Goodwill     – Always a good idea!
St Vincent DePaul     – There are several locations and there is always a hidden treasure
Salvation Army     – There are several of these as well (I always walk away with something)

Hope this is a good start and happy shopping!!

Do you shop anywhere else that I might not have mentioned? I always love hearing about new places to check out!

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