beautiful garbage

‘One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.’ We have all heard the saying and today it was proven again.

While walking the beach, working on my tan (and yes, I’m slathered in 85 SPF) I spotted something big and light blue wash up on shore. Sea glass.

From broken bottles that have been dumped in the ocean illegally and polluted the ocean, the pieces are buffed and beautiful by the time you find them in the sand.

These once sharp pieces of glass roll around in the ocean and are smoothed, shaped and made frosted by Mother Nature herself.

Wouldn’t these be beautiful as a piece of jewelry? Can’t wait to find some more ‘garbage’ on the beach!


3 responses to “beautiful garbage

  • Sara

    Hadley I can just vision them as beautiful necklaces!! love this post.. its very creative 🙂

  • Sara

    Hey girl can you do a post on jewelry that you have found at thrift shops especially that big blue necklace you wore on southern belles!!

    Thank you

  • Lacy

    I have been buying those 100% silk shirts from the goodwill! and I love them.. are your shirts loose fitting?

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