hadley’s reality in the weekly

Hadley’s Reality was mentioned AGAIN in the local Louisville newspaper in the Features section!!

The article is titled “KY Reality TV Stars Continue to Shine After the Cameras are Gone.”

Here is what the article said…

‘Southern Belles: Louisville’

Aired on SOAPnet in 2009. What the Belles have been up to:


Hometown: Owensboro, Ky.

What she’s up to: Hartz is an instructor at Jefferson Community & Technical College. She recently finished her doctoral coursework in education and leadership at Spalding University, passing both her oral and written comprehensive exams. She also blogs about fashion, beauty and shopping at www.hadleysreality.com.

On getting the goods: “The show portrayed me as the girl next door who couldn’t get a good job and couldn’t find a good guy. It’s funny, because after the show, I actually got both of those things on the same weekend.”


A very special thanks to Christa Ritchie and the Courier-Journal for giving a nice shout-out to Hadley’s Reality!

Check out the full article on the Courier-Journal’s website – KY Reality TV Stars Continue to Shine After the Cameras are Gone


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