erase the streaks

It is almost Spring (well sort of!) and we all know what that means… Spring Break!! Yes, in my other life I am a college professor and I get a sPrInG bReAk! It is ok to be jealous of my whole week off 🙂

It is around this time that I start to slather on the ole’ tanning lotions in preparation for shorts, skirts and the dreaded bikini. (See earlier post about tanning lotions to see which ones I prefer.)

No one is perfect – and neither is the tanning lotion. We can make some mistakes which result in streaking, dark knuckles and uneven tones. It can be a nightmare waiting for the color to rub off or to fade… I have tried (literally) everything in the book – from scrubbing my skin raw, to applying baking soda, soaking in lemon juice and even rubbing alcohol. Please, for the love of your skin, do not try any of these! Not only were they ineffective, but they hurt!

I have (with the help of my lovely cousin Jules) discovered a much easier and softer way to remove any unwanted self-tanning streaks, lines, or globs.


Simply use a Magic Eraser by Mr. Clean. You have seen the commercials… if it can remove grease and crayon and permeanat marker – why not self-tanner? Simply wet the Magic Eraser and then squeeze as much of the water out as possible. LIGHTLY rub on your skin and watch the color come right offAMAZING! Avoid your face but this is perfect for knuckles, knees and feet.

Enjoy a perfectly tanned Spring Break!


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