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So today is President’s Day – and it’s every shopper’s dreamsales in almost every corner of every store!

This shopper, however, is feeling a bit under the weather – I would rather sit at home in my PJs with my iPad than to hit the malls and deal with the insane lines. Trust me when I say that I did take full advantage of perusing the online shops though! While casually going through many cyber stores, I stumbled across some jewelry that can best be described as ‘egyptian inspired.’

I found myself wanting every single piece of jewelry by the designer – Elizabeth Knight. She definitely has an eye for jewelry – she creates pieces that tell stories all by themselves. You can look at a piece and your imagination takes off. Of her collections, Dark Horse and Armor are my favorite. Below are some pieces that I am dying to have – I have listed prices as well.

The bracelet on the left– called the PYRAMID BANGLE – is my absolute favorite of the Armor Collection. It is such a unique piece that I am certain it would add flare to any outfit, without being overstated. It is $120.

My second favorite piece in the same collection is the bracelet on the right – called the RECTANGLE BANGLE – and it is also $120.


This necklace (PEGASUS)  is fantastic – and while not an every day piece – could really add some pizzazz to black shirt or dress. It is more pricey at $1,100… but that doesn’t make me love it any less!

The rings (HAMMERED, LAYER RINGS) are $200 and are definitely going on the wish list!

You can find her pieces in boutiques in many states, including – California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, New York, North Carolina, Tennessee and Texas.

You can also purchase a few select pieces from her Armor collection on the Urban Outfitters website. I will be holding out for the PYRAMID BANGLE… My wardrobe just won’t be complete without it!

Be sure to check out the whole collection on


4 responses to “egyptian jewelry elizabeth knight

  • Nichole Rhodes

    Totally loving your fashion/lifestyle updates… they are divine!

  • Jessica

    You’re not very good at product placement blogs, this is completely obvious in this one! Don’t insult us if you want to keep readers!

    • hadleysreality


      Let me assure you that this is NOT a ‘product placement blog’ post as you call it. I simply came across her jewelry and thought it was so amazing that it deserved a shout out. I did no means get any compensation for writing this – I am simply sharing what I consider to be amazing products, finds, and ideas. I am not insulting you as a reader – I am trying to share awesome things I come across.

      Now I am insulted.


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