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A few months ago I was asked to host a ‘Ladies Night Out’ at a fabulous local jewelry store. They had me wear an incredible necklace that had been made out of a vintage brooch. It was hard to leave it in the store  – but at close to $5,000 it was not even an option! 🙂


Recently I was thrift store browsing with my friend Hanna and… as she was checking out with her grey leather skinny belt, Christian Dior belt and tooled leather clutch… the check out guy informed us that we get our fourth item for FREE. So of course I started scouring the store again trying to track down an amazing item and came across a vintage brooch (pin). Of course I immediately thought of turning it into an awesome necklace

And for the low low price of free – what’s not to love?!


I simply clipped it onto a double chain that I already owned and what do you know…

it looks fantastic – and the price was right!


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  • Myrna

    Loving this idea Hadley! You know the thrift stores carry tons of brooches for cheap. I love a nice brooch adds so much to an outfit.

    XX -Myrna

  • Moira Molly (@moiramolly)

    Hi Hadley

    I love your blog! I also thoroughly enjoyed Southern Belles Louisville and still watch it on Hulu (It ended way too soon! :-/). You seem so awesome, friendly and down to earth.

    My question to you is about Derby fashion. I’m going to Derby for the first time this year, and I’m not sure what to wear. I’m 22 and going with friends who are around the same age. We’re not society types at all, but not sloppy college kids either. I don’t want to buy some ridiculous dress and hat online that looks like I’m trying way to hard to fit in/be fancy. I want something that’s age appropriate and reasonable for re-wear, but still very appropriate/dressy/classy enough for the events.

    Basically, what do the younger people usually wear? Lilly? I need help! And obviously, this fashion choice is very important as I’m thinking about it 3 months in advance.


    • hadleysreality


      So glad to hear that you enjoy the blog and the show… they have both been so super fun for me!

      Derby fashion- I plan on posting A LOT of Derby stuff closer to the date BUT it all depends where you are gonna go… SInce you are 22 and going with a bunch of girls I am assuming that you all will be doing the Paddock area – if thats the case then you will want to wear a day dress – so no glitter. I usually want to wear something comfortable – so no strapless bras or super-duper high heels. Make sure to take a pair of flats or flip flops that you can pack in your purse because you will be standing for HOURS! I do see a TON of Lilly there… so preppy works as does casual comfy.

      Stay tuned for more posts about the Derby and good luck!


  • Sara

    Hi Hadley! I was wondering what lip colors did you wear on Southern Belles?

    Thanks so much

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