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Ladies… I have found some INCREDIBLE jewelry online – for INCREDIBLE prices! With the holidays coming up, I have been on the hunt for some fun and fantastic gifts… and LOLA GEM is one great place!

I recently got a little package in the mail from LOLA GEM and let me just tell ya – exquisite! The packaging is even incredible!! Another amazing tid-bit? The chains are 22K gold plated and the silver chains are silver plated.

I have been emailing the owner and jewelry creator, Allison, and here is what she said:

 “The whole jewelry thing came about a few years ago when I was going through an old box of stuff and I found a couple of strands to this bracelet I bought years ago.  I searched online to see if I could buy another one of these amazing little creations but had no luck, so, I decided to try and make the other strands myself.  It was a success!  Not only did I have my favorite bracelet back but I found a new passion for jewelry making.  I know your probably wondering-  where are all  bracelets?   Well, as I got more involved in creating jewelry, I wanted something that was a little more meaningful to people, something personal,  so I began creating necklaces and rings.”

I asked her about her inspiration

“I like to make jewelry based on the type of people I see and meet.  It’s so interesting to me to see who picks what necklace or ring because in some way that reflects who they are. I feel that jewelry should be personal so in my pieces I use a lot of charms and gem stones.  Charms can tell you a lot about whats close to peoples hearts and it can give you a little glimpse into their personality.  I have had an obsession with gem stones for a while now and I particularly love how each piece is different.  Since each stone in unique in its own right my pieces will never be identical and I love that! It all depends upon what inspires me at the time!”

Click here to check out her awesome jewlery! –> Lola Gem


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