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Some of you have asked me about my ‘daily grind’ in regards to my skin care – so I thought I would share the products and tools I use on a daily basis that I cannot live without.

You know the question – “If you were on a deserted island, what would you HAVE to have?” Well the following things would be on the top of that list! I have tried multiple facial products but these seem to be the best for me (and maybe you!).

Below are my facial brushes. The one pictured on the left is the MIA by Clarisonic. I LOVE this brush. It doesn’t spin around and around, but slightly twists and vibrates. It is pretty pricey ($120) but in my opinion totally worth it. I feel like my face is super clean but not stripped of the natural oils. I got the ‘sensitive skin’ brush which is softer than the original. My lotions and creams really seem to absorb into the skin more when I use the brush. I use the AVEDA sensitive skin facial cleanser with it.


The brush on the right is by Neutrogena and was what I used everyday before I purchased the MIA. This brush is a great cheaper alternative. I recently saw it in stores for around $20. It is great but now that I have the MIA I don’t use it as much. This brush vibrates and the pad has the face wash built in – and the pad is rough and is great for exfoliating. I use this one still about once or twice a week to get the dead skin off.


My ALL TIME favorite lotion is StriVectin-SD. Now… this is suppose to be used as stretch mark remover or diminisher but it is AWESOME for my skin. I use this at night as a lotion (on my face and neck). It is thick – but doesn’t clog my pores. It also has a peppermint smell and tingles when you apply it. I seriously LOVE this. I get mine at Sephora – pricey but one jug will last you at least a year and a half… a little of this stuff goes a long way. In the morning I use the AVEDA sensitive skin lotion under my makeup.


For an astringent I have found and fallen in love with THAYERS Witch Hazel. It does not have alcohol in it – therefore it does not strip your face of the natural oils. It is super cheap ($10 for a HUGE bottle) and can be purchased at Whole Foods. The product comes in different scents and with different added things for different needs. I prefer the Rose Petal with Aloe Vera. This can be used to remove that last bit of makeup, including eye makeup. I wear contacts and this has never bothered my eyes. LOVE <3.


The last thing I do before my beauty sleep is lip service and eye care. I have lips that will get chapped CONSTANTLY so this new-found favorite is a must on my nightstand! Neosporin Lip Health, which can be found in any grocery store, is amazing – a must have with the cold weather moving in. It is an overnight renewal therapy that works while you sleep. It is creamy but the lips really absorb it. I would not recommend this during the day as it makes the lips appear whitish. The eye cream I use is the Aveda Green Science firming eye cream. I have used this for about six months – and the jug is still half full. I really can tell a difference too – my fine lines are not as prominent and it tingles when you apply it!


Hope you enjoy and ‘grind on!’


10 responses to “the daily grind

  • Katie

    I’ve gotten the curling wand, lancome foundation and Bobby brown sample. Now I feel I need all this! Hahah. Your blog is going to break me but I love Everything I’ve tried. Thanks:-)

    • hadleysreality

      haha!!! Katie – don’t go broke getting all of this stuff… please! I have taken my sweet time gathering all of this stuff. If you had to get one thing I would recommend the Thayers Witch Hazel… it is a cleanser/ astringent/ makeup remover AND it moisturizes. Its the best!

      Good luck and happy shopping girl!
      much love-hadley

  • Ashlee

    I’m jealous Hadley! I have the Clarisonic MIA and used it for
    Over a month and my face just continued to break out.
    I had to stop using it and am afraid to use it even once.
    I’m going for a facial soon and am hoping to get some answers.
    Very sad 😦

    • hadleysreality

      oh Ashlee I’m so so sorry you havent had the same luck! Can I ask what cleanser you are using? And is your brush the sensitive one? How many times a day are you using it?? We need to figure this out!

      I had my first facial a few months ago and she recommended the Clarisonic for me and the Aveda cleanser. It really helped – so I would def ask the professional and see what she says. Keep me posted!

      much love-hadley

  • Sara

    I love this post Hadley and I agree with Katie, I am buying everything lol!!

    • hadleysreality

      haha!! Well I hope that you enjoy everything as much as I do. Let me know if you guys try anything or use anything that is awesome that I might need to include into my ‘daily grind.’

      much love-hadley

  • Ashley

    Can I just say how much I am LOVING your blog? Addicted! Anyway…just wondering how many times a day you use your Clarisonic brush? I am debating if I should just go ahead and spend the money right away or try the Neutrogena one first!

    • hadleysreality

      I’m so glad to hear that! I’m seriously loving blogging… Wish I could do this as my full time job 🙂

      I use the Clarisonic twice a day… Truly addicted to it. It makes your skin glow and really sloughs off the dead skin in a gentle way. My skin soaks up the products better too.

      Let me know what you decide to do and your take on it!

      Much love-hadley

  • Clarisonic

    Hi Hadley! Thanks for being such an enthusiastic member of the Clarisonic family. We love hearing such positive feedback! Cheers!

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